TakeGo is the premier on-demand courier services technology platform in Ghana. One minute can save you hours of your time when you use our technology! TakeGo partners with several independent courier services providers to create a large network that customers can easily access.


TakeGo is built around a smart phone app. This app connects you to thousands of dispatch riders and couriers. NO NEED to remember short codes or phone numbers of riders or courier companies. The customer app connects customers to couriers while the courier app connects couriers and dispatch riders to thousands of customers. Due to the distributed nature of the infrastructure we are able to scale to meet the demands of thousands of customers. 

Due to the use of GPS technology you can specify your pick up and drop off locations. No need to explain to the courier how to get there! Technology takes care of it. 

Customer Service

Our customer experience team is world class! They treat all customers with utmost respect and professionalism. They speak a variety of Ghanaian languages and English


TakeGo is a high tech on-demand courier platform. A simple light weight app that allows you to make a request in one minute or less.
Using fine-grained location specification, you can select your pick up address and drop off address (accurate within a few meters).
Couriers close to your location will be notified and dispatched. With the app you can track the courier!

Make a request

1.Enter pick up and drop of locations

2. Enter package description or simply take a picture of the package
3. Select the pick up and drop off contact phone numbers from your phone’s contact list
4. Specify the type of package (eg. food, letter, etc) and the preferred vehicle type.
5. Select who pays (pay at pickup or pay at drop off)

Trust & Security

Our company is built on technology, professionalism, trust and customer care.
All couriers that sign up with us go through rigorous training. Your package can be tracked from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered.
We guarantee that every package will arrive at the destination, intact!
If you have any questions, TakeGo customer service is only a phone call away, right from the app.

We use pick up code only known to the customer.

When the request is made, the customer is issued a pick up code, right in the app. The courier is required to enter this pick up code when they pick up the package. The only way they can have this code is when the customer gives it to them. This ensures that they DO INTERACT WITH the customer.

We use the drop off confirmation code only known to the customer and the recipient of the package.



You’ll be notified when:

Reporting and Auditing

Each delivery request has a unique request id.

You can retrieve a list of all your new deliveries, pending deliveries, completed deliveries and even canceled deliveries!

Our customer experience team would be glad to hear from you.


  • Open the menu on the upper left hand corner
  • Select “Pending”
  • Find the card for the request
  • Look at the section marked “Pick up code”
  • Open the menu on the upper left hand corner
  • Select “Pending”
  • Find the card for the request
  • Look at the section marked “Drop off code”

As of 2020, TakeGo is only operating in Accra. We will be in all the major Ghanaian cities in 2021.

We will be glad to welcome you into the TakeGo family. Please send us a message at admin@takego.app.